Our First Ever Bridal Tutorial!

Wednesday 19th February 2020 show members of our team we have decided to film them in action creating a bridal look of their choice. Whenever we book a bride with Minxies we get asked a lot 'what MUA and / or hairstylist on the team have they got?' so we thought what a good idea it would be to be able to say you can see them in action on the Minxies website. You can also see the kind of styles they create as well as looking at photographs on our Instagram and Facebook page. This is our first tutorial attempt, it does need some tweaks, lighting at the start and we have some turbulence during the hair but we think we did alright!…

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Real bride Sam - Court Coleman Manor

Friday 3rd January 2020
Paloma Blanca

One of our favourite looks for 2019. Sam got married in Court Coleman Manor in September. Jodie and Amy created her perfect look. Full article by Paloma Blanca is below.... WEDDING DATE: 09/14/2019 WEDDING LOCATION: Court Colman Manor, Wales STYLE NUMBER: 4715 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: Laura May, Crwys Road, Cardiff PHOTOGRAPHER: Fire & Ice COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: Ben & I met in 2016, our first date was in a toilet, a converted underground WC in London which had been made into a wine and charcuterie bar (we spend our lives explaining that first statement)! It was the most incredible date in which later on in our relationship we both admitted that we knew we would spend the rest of our lives together. It was just meant to be and we knew it. From there on…

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Minxies 2019 Autumn Shoot - Tredilion Park

Thursday 21st November 2019

What a venue! We've been to many a venue in South Wales but this one is OUT OF THIS WORLD. New for 2021, Tredilion Park is going to be THE venue to get married in. When you get there you could be anywhere, France, Italy, you name it. Its set on acres of grounds and has been refurbished to an exceptionally high standard. The venue will be exclusively yours for the whole weekend if you chose to get married here. We were lucky enough to have the run of the place for the Minxies Autumn 2019 shoot and honestly we could not believe it. 7 models were picked to create different scenes in every part of this estate with fresh…

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Minxies Spring 2019 Shoot - Holm House, Penarth

Monday 29th April 2019

Our Spring 2019 shoot was in the beautiful boutique hotel, Holm House. Much smaller than our usual venues but we just about managed to fit everyone in (there is A LOT of us!). We got Lumi Events involved to dress the rooms for us and what a fantastic job they did. The flowers they incorporated especially into the bridal suite were exquisite. We took a lot of shots in this area as Holm House have a stand alone bath which looks out over the grounds and an exceptional sea view. Very romantic. Peter Morgan (Morgan James Photography) took some incredible photographs of Shanie and Thalia in this area or should I say 'in the bath!'. We were so pleased with…

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The Morning of your Wedding

Thursday 3rd January 2019

The morning of your's the little things that make the big day run smooth. Take it from us we have been involved in A LOT of wedding mornings and it is the little things that you don't think about that make a huge difference. Whether you are having a large wedding or a small intimate wedding please have a read through the following (just off the top of our heads!)...... • Background Music - Get some atmosphere, whether it's the radio, a Music Channel on the TV or make a playlist especially for this day, this will make all the difference to your morning. • Directions to the venue - Make a Note on your phone with the directions to the venue and give…

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Minxies 2018 Autumn Shoot - Mounton Brook Lodge

Friday 9th November 2018
Jodie shires

Smaller than our usual madness of a shoot. This Autumn 2018 Minxies Shoot was in an absolute gem of a find. I was asked last minute at the start of the summer of 2018 to be the MUA on a venue shoot at Mounton Brook Lodge, Chepstow. Being a wedding MUA for a number of years I couldn't recall it and as I pulled up to the venue I knew I had never been there before. This venue was brand spanking new. The owner, Charlotte, had completely renovated the property into an intimate, adorable and unique wedding venue. From the second I got there I knew I wanted to do the upcoming Minxies Shoot there. The rooms are spectacularly designed…

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10 Important Factors to consider when choosing your Bridal Make Up Artist

Monday 23rd July 2018

1.Go straight to the gallery..... Whether it's a website or a social media page, a make up artist's work speaks for itself. There should be a whole range of photographs to look through of their recent work. We are very lucky to be in an industry where every time we work we can capture it. Look for bridal make up photographs not just occasional make up, you need to be able to see past bridal looks and make sure they have Bridal make up experience. 2.Testimonials / Reviews. When brides take the time after their wedding to thank their make up artist you know that they have done a good job. Look through the website to see if they have a testimonial…

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Minxies Spring 2018 Photoshoot - Gileston Manor

Sunday 15th April 2018

Minxies Spring 2018 shoot was in the brand new South Wales wedding venue, Gileston Manor. What a stunning location. This Georgian Manor house is based in St Athan looking over the sea. The grounds are spectacular and even though we did the shoot mid April and the gardens were not yet in bloom it was still breathtaking. Gileston has its very own church and a brand new Civil Ceremony temple. What a backdrop to work with for the Minxies shoot. As always we had a lot of the Minxies team there on the day getting our seven models ready with upcoming bridal looks we had created. With being wedding hairstylists we are very fussy with our bridal hair accessories, they…

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