10 Important Factors to consider when choosing your Bridal Make Up Artist

10 Important Factors to consider when choosing your Bridal Make Up Artist

Monday 23rd July 2018

1.Go straight to the gallery.....
Whether it's a website or a social media page, a make up artist's work speaks for itself. There should be a whole range of photographs to look through of their recent work. We are very lucky to be in an industry where every time we work we can capture it. Look for bridal make up photographs not just occasional make up, you need to be able to see past bridal looks and make sure they have Bridal make up experience.

2.Testimonials / Reviews.
When brides take the time after their wedding to thank their make up artist you know that they have done a good job. Look through the website to see if they have a testimonial page and also their social media at any posts or reviews. There is no hiding facebook reviews, that's what is so good about them, they are real people with real reviews and if there are any negatives, these can't be taken down. It's a good place to start.

Two important questions to ask - how long have they have been a makeup artist and how many weddings have they have worked on? Weddings are completely different to occasional make up. You need an experienced BRIDAL make up artist for your wedding day. Someone who has worked closely with many brides and has experience being involved during the morning of a wedding. We have some major horror stories of brides hiring a 'friend of a friend' and they have ended up an hour late to their own wedding. Timing is everything and a well experienced bridal make up artist will be very aware of time during the morning of your wedding, planning meticulously ahead.

The make up artist you choose will be with you on the morning of your special day, they could be with you for the whole entire morning if they are also doing your bridal party too. You have to feel comfortable with them and you have to like them. It's all about the atmosphere and energy, your make up artist should add to your day, be excited with you and fit in with everything going on around you. Nothing is too much for us on a wedding day, besides the make up, we end up helping with a whole host of other things including holding babies, zipping bridesmaid dresses up, ringing to see where the florist is, answering the door but the most common thing is pep talks! Once you are in our seat noone can move you for at least 45 minutes and we are always spending that time reassuring our brides, easing their nerves and making them feel comfortable. It's all part of the job!

5.Do they have a team?
If you have four or more in your bridal party also wanting make up, you will need more than one make up artist on the morning of you wedding. Please be aware, that as soon as word gets round you are having professional make up, some wedding guests decide at the last minute to have their make up done too (it happens all the time). If this is the case, you don't want to have just one person doing everyone as it will either be rushed or you will have to start very, very early and everyone will be arguing because no one will want the 6am slot! If there is 4 or more in a bridal party we have two of the team come to you and more than 10 people we send 3 of the team. Again its all about timing, we want everyone glammed up and ready to go with an hour spare, no rushing and no 6am starts.

6.Bridal Trial....this is a MUST.
We could write a whole blog on its own for this! Having a trial gives you the peace of mind that you know the exact look you are having on your special day YOU WILL NEED A BRIDAL TRIAL. It will make everything run smoothly on the morning of your wedding. Its like a dress rehearsal and its really, really important. If your make up artist is willing to do your wedding make up without a trial this is a big no no! We have NEVER in 7 years 'gone blind' into a wedding, we wouldn't put ourselves through the stress or a bride through that stress and believe us when we say we have turned down weddings because a bride has said she 'doesn't need a trial'. Trials can take up to two hours as you are discussing styles, trying different products and deciding which look to go for. You do not have time to do this the morning of your wedding.

If a make up artist has a very cheap price list, you are almost always getting what you pay for. Professional make up kits alone cost a small fortune as make up artists should be using high quality make up and tools. Low costs can also mean 'just starting out' or 'building experience' which is fine but you should be told this beforehand. We have had sooo many brides book elsewhere because the price was cheaper only to be really disappointed and then book us which is then spending over and above what they had planned to pay for their wedding make up and not to mention wasting your time.

We aim to get back to you within 24 hours and we keep in touch with regular updates AND we send confirmation emails out for all appointments. We know how important it is to be in constant contact with you and answering any questions you may have swiftly. Weddings are stressful and you need to be reassured that everything is booked in and we are answering all of your important questions. Once you have booked with us we send you a Bridal Information Pack with useful information and Bridal Trial Guidelines to help you prepare for your Bridal Trial. Communication is vital in the wedding business.

Check that the make up artist is available to come to you on the morning of your wedding. We arrive wherever you are, Hotel, mums house, your house etc. We bring all our kits, glam you up and then leave you to get into your dress! Its all about making that morning stress free.

Always listen to friends and family, if they are recommending a makeup artist from a previous wedding they have been a part of this is a good sign. You can search google or ask on social media and if you find one you like be sure to read through the testimonials and reviews. If all else fails don't panic! You will be meeting a lot wedding suppliers for all manner of reasons and some will be able to recommend a good makeup artist for you so remember to ask!

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