The Morning of your Wedding

The Morning of your Wedding

Thursday 3rd January 2019

The morning of your's the little things that make the big day run smooth.

Take it from us we have been involved in A LOT of wedding mornings and it is the little things that you don't think about that make a huge difference. Whether you are having a large wedding or a small intimate wedding please have a read through the following (just off the top of our heads!)......

• Background Music - Get some atmosphere, whether it's the radio, a Music Channel on the TV or make a playlist especially for this day, this will make all the difference to your morning.

• Directions to the venue - Make a Note on your phone with the directions to the venue and give this to a dedicated person on the wedding morning who can deal with this on your behalf. You don't want to be taking ten phonecalls giving guests and suppliers directions to where you are.

• List of supplier numbers - Have a list of all your wedding suppliers and their contact details so if anyone is running late or you need to get hold of someone you don't have to start searching or googling!

• Wedding planner - Wedding planners are always a good choice. They are always on top of whats going on and are used to being bossed around on the morning of your wedding. If you're not good at directing and don't want to depend on members of your bridal party to run around after you then this is a wise decision. It means you can relax and know that all the organising is being taken care of. Confirm what time they will be with you on your wedding morning.

• Space - Planning for how many people are going to be with you on the morning of your wedding and the space you have to get ready in is key. The amount of times we have turned up to a small hotel room with one window and we have the bride and 8 bridesmaids to get ready is unbelievable. That's up to 10 people or more in that one room at any time, it starts to get hot, there is pieces of kit everywhere and everyone is getting in each others way. Then the photographer turns up and is horrified, how are they going to get perfect 'getting ready pics' with all that chaos going on. Make sure you have sufficient space.

• Timetable for hair and make up (approx.). It doesn't always go perfectly to plan but it is a good idea to have an idea of timings for your bridal party. Make sure you have the right amount ready to start when the hair and make up arrive. We organise our arrival time with an hours gap at the end so you have time for photographs and get your head in the game!

• Arrival time, it's never too early! When we say we need to be with you by a certain time that's when we need to be there, it may seem early but on wedding mornings anything goes. We may not have anyone in our seat for 20 minutes because a bridesmaid has been called for something. We don't want it to be stressful with a strict timetable, it never works out, you need extra time to make sure everything runs smoothly.

• Breakfast (no bacon sandwiches!). Anything fried, especially bacon, (unless its been made in a hotel kitchen miles away) stay clear from, that's all you'll be able to smell on you. Make sure you eat something, even if you're nervous / anxious you don't want to be pegging it down the aisle!

• Photographer - if you're not one to have photographs taken with no make up on get the photographer to come a little later when you your glam is just about finished. We are experts at posing for the 'getting ready' shots where you look fabulous and we are just doing the finishing touches. There's nothing worse than having a photographer just hanging around because everyone is saying 'no photographs until my make ups done!'

• Place for your dress - Put your dress in a safe place, there is going to be so many people back and forth the morning of your wedding the last thing you want is somebody stepping on it.

• Someone knows how to do a cravat - the amount of times we have had to google 'how to do a cravat' and how amazing it feels when someone in the bridal party knows how to! This crops up all the time.

• Nice hangers - The photographer is going to want to take pictures of the bridesmaids dresses and your wedding dress. Make sure they are on adorable hangers. Some brides have them made especially for the photographs.

• Umbrellas - A couple of nice umbrellas, if the dreaded rain does make an appearance you will still look fantastic with one of these in hand to get you into your car without your glam moving.

• The suits - it's a very popular phonecall, someone in the bridal party gets a call to say the suit they have doesn't fit. Get the guys to try on their suits BEFORE the wedding morning.

• Put the door you are getting ready in 'on the jar' or leave it open. People will be in and out all morning.

• Space for the flowers...when the florist arrives there needs to be a space for the all the flowers, they can take up a lot of room and will need to be somewhere cool.

• Mugs and milk....if you are staying in a hotel and all getting ready in the bridal suite / hotel room they only usually have 2 mugs and a tiny amount of milk. This isn't going to be sufficient for a bridal party and wedding suppliers. Ring down early and ask for more to be sent to the room.

• Have all of your important items you would like to have photographed together, rings, shoes, perfume etc ready for when the photographer needs it otherwise you'll be back and forth finding different things on the wedding morning.

• Make your bed! The whole room is being photographed the last thing you want to see in the background is a heap of duvets and pillows.

• Make sure all your bridal party are prepped ready for hair and make up to start with no make up on and clean, blow dried hair, ready to be styled.