Our First Ever Bridal Tutorial!

Our First Ever Bridal Tutorial!

Wednesday 19th February 2020 show members of our team we have decided to film them in action creating a bridal look of their choice. Whenever we book a bride with Minxies we get asked a lot 'what MUA and / or hairstylist on the team have they got?' so we thought what a good idea it would be to be able to say you can see them in action on the Minxies website. You can also see the kind of styles they create as well as looking at photographs on our Instagram and Facebook page.

This is our first tutorial attempt, it does need some tweaks, lighting at the start and we have some turbulence during the hair but we think we did alright!

Model : Sam Keighley

MUA : Jodie
Hairstylist : Abi

Jodie created a champagne blended soft glam eye look with glowy skin. Abi did a sleek up do with padding, soft around the face and finished with a bespoke blush pink hand made tiara by Aslett & Wilatt.