Minxies Team Member Form

All new members will need to fill out the 'Minxies Team Member Form' which you will find below before their first booking. These guidelines are to help you get started and if you have any questions or are unclear on any points please contact us and we will be happy to explain.

Minxies Terms & Conditions

Please read the following guidelines, Terms and Conditions. This is a confidential document.


As a team member at Minxies either as a Bridal Make Up artists and / or Hairstylist - you are a subcontractor to Minxies.
Definition: n. a person or business which has a contract (as an "independent contractor" and not an employee) with a contractor to provide some portion of the work or services on a project which the contractor has agreed to perform


You are responsible for your own tax.


As a Bridal Consultation comes in, it will be given to the Make Up artist / Hairstylist who it's most suitable to. For reasons such as, its near to where they are, they are available on that date, its most suited to their certain style etc. If then that Make Up artist / hairstylist is unable to take this wedding on then we will then ask around to see who else is available on that particular date.

Getting back to us with whether or not you can do a particular wedding is vital, please try and respond within 24hrs so that we are able to get back to the bride as soon as we can or if needs be we can ask another Make Up artist / hairstylist if you are unable to accommodate that wedding date.

The Make Up artist / hairstylist who has completed a trial for a bride will be the same Make Up artist / hairstylist who will be working with the bride on the day of their wedding. When agreeing to take on a wedding it is very important that you are positive you can do the brides wedding date.

If you have agreed to a wedding and you haven't done the trial but you find that you are unable to do that particular date contact us as soon as possible so that we can start arrangements for another Make Up artist / hairstylist to step in.

If you have agreed to do a wedding and you have done the trial but you find that you are unable to make that particular date there are a few things that you need to be aware of. Firstly contact us as soon as possible so that we can start arrangements for another Make Up artist / hairstylist to step in, secondly (because we have a strict rule that the Make Up artist / Hairstylist who has worked with the bride for their trial will do the wedding) we will need to arrange another trial with another Make Up artist / Hairstylist on the team, this will incur costs so you will be asked to pay us back the amount that you will have already been paid for that particular trial.

Be aware (especially at busy times) you may get asked for dates of brides who may only just be inquiring, this can happen a lot, the booking is only confirmed if it is included in the Minxies Excel Spreadsheet (more details are below).


Even after all the preparation and organisation you will still have 'extras' on the day who will ask for our services. Its up to you whether you feel you have time to take on the extra work but before you start you need to explain that full payment needs to be paid to Minxies within 5 days. This needs to also be reported back to us so we can start chasing this as soon as possible.


Some brides cancel as with all businesses for a number of reasons, please check the Minxies Spreadsheet regularly as bookings can change. We will try our best to keep you in the loop of any cancellations.

Minxies Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is a list of all the bookings for the year, it gets updated regularly. Yellow weddings mean that we are waiting to fix a trial date. Red weddings either have cancelled or the bride has gone AWOL and we have been unable to get in contact with them. There is also a notes section which keeps up to date notes on wher e the booking is at. On the spreadsheet you will find a column which states which Make Up artist / Hairstylist is working on each wedding, if you see something that is not right please let us know as soon as possible.

Alongside the spreadsheet we will also send confirmation emails the week of confirmed trials and weddings so you have all the information you need for the wedding and also confirmation that the trial / wedding is going ahead.


For weddings that are 10 miles outside of where you are travelling from (your home address) we will charge 0.45p a mile which will be reimbursed to you. However if there are more members travelling to the same wedding this will then be split. You are welcome to share a car but this may not be appropriate if you don't live near one another. Sometimes we may not charge mileage eg. If we have offered a certain deal in which this doesn't apply, in this instance we will do our best to let you know beforehand that this will not be included.


Trials are where the bride first meets us so you are there representing Minxies. Make sure you leave sufficient time to get to a brides address and always arrive a little earlier. We would have already advised the bride of any space you need for your kit and you will always know what services you will be providing and to who at every trial and wedding.

During trials and weddings you will work a lot with each other, especially with bigger bridal parties.


Emails are how we send out information about each booking. As we deal with a lot of different brides at any one time, their name should appear as the topic line on every email, with emails sent from us to you and emails sent from you to us. This allows us to look back and follow the progress of the booking and also when photographs get sent back in we can put a face to a name. It also makes it a lot easier when saving information for each bride.

Confirmation emails will be sent out the week of wedding and trial appointments within this email you will have all the information you need including the brides contact number. We will also send out a confirmation email to the bride and this will include any contact numbers of the Bridal Make Up artists and / or Hairstylist who are coming to them for the trial or wedding.

Contact between Bridal Make Up artists and / or Hairstylist and the brides should only be to do with timings and general queries, at no point is there to be any bookings made between you. If the bride would like another trial please refer back to us.


Invoices of all of your work will be sent out at the end of every month for that month. A full itemised list of every wedding will be provided. Please check that all is correct, only when we have had an email back to say that it is can we make payment to you. We have a number of make up artists & hair stylists working for us so discrepancies may occur so please check your invoice carefully as once payment has been made we can not make amendments.

Product Sheet

For every bride you will need to fill out a product sheet. This is for emergency purposes only, if, for any reason you can not make the wedding we have the product sheet plus the pictures for another Bridal Make Up artists and / or Hairstylist to easily take over the booking. After every trial a filled out product sheet needs to be emailed into us with the brides name on the topic line of the email so that it can easily be found.


Photographs are one of the most important aspects of Minxies. Firstly it is our record of the work that we have completed for each bride / bridal party at the trial. It allows us to keep a record of the exact look / style that was created so that we can easily create the same look on their wedding day. Secondly, if in emergency circumstances a Make Up artists / Hairstylist can not make the wedding we have these photographs to hand so another Make Up artists / Hairstylist can step in.
Thirdly, it's our way of advertising on our website and through Social Media.

The best photographs are the ones taken on every angle, see example below:

Also if the professional photographer is there ask him for a card or give them our details, we sometimes have them sent to us so we can do a 'shout out' to them on the Minxies facebook page and we then have the professional photographs for the website.

Minxies Photoshoot

Every year we try and arrange one or two professional photo shoots for the website with all the Minxies Team and models. We try and create different popular looks for each year in different locations. Everyone who comes on the shoot is volunteering, we don't get paid to do it but you do get to keep all of the professional photos of yourselves working.


Minxies takes hygiene very seriously. You are responsible for cleaning your kit and following appropriate hygiene rules. Your kit should be cleaned prior to every wedding you attend for Minxies.


If you are unable to attend a wedding at the last minute you need to contact us immediately by telephone 07738160844 so we can try and find cover. This has only happened once since 2012 and we hope it will always be a very rare occurrence.

On Call

At busy, peak times of the year we will try to have one hairstylist and one make up artist "On Call". This will be a back up if anything does go wrong. This would mean being "On Call" from 6.30am - 9.30am. If you are 'On Call' it would mean waiting to see I you have a phone call during this time to go to any of the weddings that are going on, on that particular day.