Flare Eyelashes


Cluster lashes, or flares, typically consist of groups of 5-8 cluster eyelashes knotted together in a bunch. These eyelashes add instant fullness because of their multi-lash flare. They are glued to your natural eyelashes using a semi permanent glue. We have…

Frequently Asked Questions


How long do eyelash extensions last? Eyelash extensions last around 1 to 2 weeks if they are properly taken care of. How come my eyelash extensions are coming off? Some makeup removers and mascaras are oil based. If you are going to use…

Flare Eyelashes Aftercare Advice


> Try not to pick, pull or rub your eyelasjes as this will pull out your natural eyelashes. > Stay away from oil based eye make up remover & eye creams as this may dissolve the adhesive. > For the first 48hrs…