Spray tanning



There are a number of reasons why you may need to remove your tan:

  • It's fading badly
  • You have touched your developing tan with your fingertips,
  • You need to remove it for a fresh new tan
  • You simply don't want it any more!

A tan can fade badly because:

  • It's not been looked after i.e. moisturised every day and you haven't followed the aftercare.
  • You have used a shower/body wash which has stripped the colour
  • The tan is much darker than your skin tone so as it comes off you can instantly see the difference
  • It's not a good quality tan (this wouldn't happen with Fake Bake)

Here is an example of my feet after using OMG 20% (the darkest tan on the market - again this wouldn't happen with Fake Bake). The difference in my skin tone to this tan is on the opposite ends of the scale, the tan was an amazing dark colour. Where I had looked after and moisturised, it had stayed even for a week but I had missed my feet. With a tan this dark you have to follow the aftercare instructions - its a MUST! But even if you follow the instructions you may still find the fading of such a dark tan can looking like additional image A...

To remove fake tan you must:

  • Exfoliate the area in the shower/bath using a shower puff and a body scrub
  • Dry with a towel rubbing gently
  • Wipe over the area with lemon juice
  • Wipe over with a face wipe - this will also remove any left over lemon juice
  • If there still is excess tan, run warm water over the area and then rub gently again with a towel
  • If the tan is new (i.e. 2/3 days old) you may have to follow these steps over a couple of days

After following these steps this is what my feet looked like additional image B