Spray tanning



How long will my sunless tan last?
On the vast majority of people it lasts about 5-7 days but this depends on the individual person. Your own skin type, beauty / lifestyle regime, prescription medications taken etc . Your skin also naturally exfoliates everyday so it can depend on how fast this happens, but to help slow this process down you need to really look after your skin by moisturising / hydrating your skin as often as possible.

Will I look orange?
The main reasons people's skin turns orange is due to choosing a DHA of poor quality, and loading too much on the skin. The more DHA in a product, does not necessarily guarantee a deep, dark tan.
Fake Bake is a high quality tan, which leaves you looking naturally bronzed and never leaves you looking like you've been 'tangoed'.

I have been spray tanning for over 4 years and am extremely experienced.

Will it streak?
The main reason a tan looks streaky comes down the preparation. Exfoliation is key to provide an even "canvas" for the tan to go on smoothly. Certain oils or residues on the skin can also result in the streaky development of a tan.

The other reason could be the application. This is most common in DIY applications, which is why having a professional spray tan is so attractive. I coat the skin evenly to provide a uniform colour for all my clients.

Streaking or Patchiness will only occur if something accidental happens after I have left or you have certain skin conditions, pregnant, on HRT, did not follow the preparation details or used products which affected the tan itself.

What will happen during my treatment?
On your very first tanning session with Minxies, I will go through your consultation form (if needed) and ask a few questions. As I set-up the equipment, you will get undressed or change into your underwear and remove any jewellery. I will then give spray some Barrier Spray to the palms of your hands to prevent them from absorbing too much tan. The spraying will take around 10 minutes and I will explain what is happening at each stage. You will then have to dry fror 5-10 minutes before putting on your pyjamas or loose comfy clothing.

How long will the spray tan take to dry and will it go on my clothes?
You are fine to get dressed when you stop feeling "tacky", usually between 5-10 minutes as long as you ideally have dark, loose fitting clothes.

This is to ensure that the tan is as fully protected as much as possible. It will rub off on your clothing as it is a lotion and it may stain lighter coloured items.

How often can I get a spray tan?
I recommend every week or week and a half to maintain a continuous tanned look. I have clients who come every week, and with their exfoliation properly done, there never seems to be any patchiness, even though there is a slight tan from the previous session. You must be aware of the evenness of your last tan prior to your next Spray Tan, as a build up can sometimes result in mild discolouration.

Will the spray go over my furniture and carpet?
I bring a pop up cubicle for you to stand in (210cm high x 120cm wide x 120cm deep) to ensure that your home is left 'Tan Free'. I only spray you when you are inside and I bring plenty of towels so that the tan does not go onto your carpet.

I do require a room with adequate lighting and ventilation.

If anything unforeseen where to happen, don't worry as I am Fully Insured.

How does it work?
DHA or Dihydroxyacetone - found in all tanning products - is a colourless sugar derived from sugar cane. DHA reacts with the amino acids in the top, dead layer of skin cells causing a darkening/brownish effect.
The darkness of a fake tan is dependent on the amount and quality of DHA in the solution.

Can I still have a spray tan if I have sensitive skin or if I am pregnant?
If you have highly sensitive skin please double check with your doctor that a spray tan will be ok. If you have had problems or any allergic reactions after a previous spray tan before then you MUST make me aware of this so we can discuss your options. There have not been any cases so far to prove that spray tanning is dangerous for pregnant or breast feeding mums, although I do follow my insurance guidelines which state to wait until you are in your second trimester.

Severe asthmatics should refrain from Spray Tanning or seek medical advice prior to booking. Ventilation masks can be used or fans to help clear air otherwise a longer session may be required to let air settle between sprays. Please let your technician know so they may factor in extra time.

Can people of any age get a Spray Tan?
Of course! We have sprayed a range of people from 9 - 60+ years old. Having a tan gives everyone a healthy glow. We require the presence - or at least to speak to - a parent or guardian for those under 18 years.

Can medication affect a Spray Tan?
Some strong medications, including anti-depressants can affect skin's pH balance, making it difficult for the DHA to react with it, resulting in an uneven and patchy tan. In rare cases, the tan may not even develop! I recommend checking with your doctor if you are unsure what affect your medication has on your skin.